Practically, when we talk about the product cycle, every organisation which needs to integrate with the legacy financial institutions encounters numerous challenges. In this era of digitization and digital banking, the APIs and documentation are less accessible as well as it has become an old school with loopholes and several errors.

It is difficult for banks to integrate new applications into their current IT systems. Despite using 1,000 different applications, just 29% of them interact with one another, according to the Connectivity Benchmark report. They invest time and resources to address that and enable point-to-point integration.

According to the same survey, 80 per cent of applications aren't used again when creating new goods and services per condition to impeding client experience and delaying financial organisations' development, this process also uses up resources.

So, the iPaymnt Tech has been established to ease down the process and make the system seamless for organisations. We are the automated API integrations and B2B service providers for Fintech.

iPaymnt Tech is a platform where the client has the choice to select the desired modules and launch the products with the APIs in a very short duration of time. Not only this, we are available to deal with all of the upcoming fixes, updates, iterations and services without hampering the flow of the service.

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Open Banking/ Open API: Financial organisations may be able to reach more customers thanks to open banking, which is an opportunity incumbent shouldn't pass up. Additionally, it can generate revenue-sharing ecosystems where incumbents provide users with access to services created by third parties while earning money from subscriptions or referrals. APIs allow your product or service to disseminate other products and services without expecting you to understand how they're built. APIs enable flexibility, simplify design, administration, and use, and allow for innovation when creating new tools and products—or managing current ones.

Software as a Service: SaaS, along with platform as a service and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), is one of the three basic types of cloud computing (PaaS). SaaS apps are used by a variety of IT specialists, business users, and private consumers. Products range from high-tech IT equipment to personal entertainment options like Netflix. SaaS products are commonly promoted to both B2B and B2C users, unlike IaaS and PaaS.

Cloud Services: These are made available to businesses and consumers online on-demand. These services are created to offer quick, inexpensive access to resources and applications without the need for internal hardware or infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence: AI aids banks in forecasting future events and trends because of its capacity to make predictions based on past behaviour. This aids banks in detecting anti-money laundering patterns, identifying fraud, and providing consumer suggestions.

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What If, we could eliminate >90% of the friction in the movement of money and financial data, just imagine the potential in fintech. With the vision to make the appropriate module available in the simplest and most automated format, Ipayment offers a one-stop platform where you can come, integrate with your chosen banking APIs, and go live in a short period. There's no need to waste time chasing after different banking partners for more than five months to market your products.


We are on the path to discovering and reaching the next level of financial innovation by making it easier for clients and organizations.



Looking for the best tools for your company? Do not worry as Ipayments provides the best tools to the company, it needs to make quicker and safer online payments. Gift your customers the best possible service with us.

Instant Activation

Get instant activation services within a few minutes. No need to worry, as the onboarding process is completely digital with minimum documentation.


Easy Integration

With plugins for all major platforms and languages, integrate and go live with Razorpay in less than an hour.


API Driven

With complete API Driven automation, you can develop your firm for scale without manual intervention. We make it easy for you!.


100+ Open API

No need to think about the mode of payment, as we offer your clients the facility of 100+ banking APIs and you can also get different modes of payment which include Credit/Debit cards, UPI, Wallets, Netbanking, etc.


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With competitive pricing, our resourceful payment solutions make payments simpler and more convenient! .


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We provide the best industry support by being available via email, phone, and chat to assist you at every required step!.


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On iPayments Dashboard, get real-time data and insights to make the process of decision-making super easy and helpful!.



We provide the safest and most secure API services for your best experience. Do not need to worry, get the best and most secure services with us, as we are present for you 24*7 to solve all of your queries and confusions! .


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